A few days ago, Stacey Bewkes of Quintessence, posted a photo of the necklace I made for her. Thanks Stacey for the shoutout! Now that it's officially summer and I'm 877 nautical miles (1625 km) from the equator, I've been wearing a lot of coral. 
I joyfully take out old pieces and sometimes rework them,
Or make something new and mix them all up
with pieces I've bought from my travels.
 Another old favorite that I can't part with is
Joanna Lhuillier's white bag with the most delightful
beaded marine treasures.
 My It-Bag for naughtical adventures....
corals found combing the Batangas shore
summer 2010

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quintessence said...

I LOVE my necklace May - thank you so much. I have already worn it several times and get compliments everywhere!! I adore coral, especially with turquoise - the perfect summer combination!!