Long Live McQueen

Anne Lubner, a Twitter and Facebook design friend, posted a wedding photo the other day which garnered some comments from our chummy group. I have come to enjoy this camaraderie that affords the simple pleasure of connecting in between work deadlines and checking off to do lists. Amongst comments about crying at weddings and all, Anne asked me what kind of wedding do I dream of? As frou la la as I am, I am pretty succinct about my dream wedding. All I want is a destination wedding with a a small group of family and friends with lots of good food, drink and merriment. Decor will depend on venue but a chandelier should come in handy for people to swing on.
Like the rest of the world, sadness flickered upon hearing the news of Alexander McQueen's death. I was hoping to wear a McQueen for the proverbial walk down the aisle. I dreamt of his extraordinary Fall/Winter 08 Collection last night which has elements of what I like to see in a bridal dress. Upon laying eyes on some of these amazing confections at the New York store, he brought to light that sweet edgy vibe I was looking for but couldn't find in most traditional wedding dresses.
love the spontaneity of tiered layers
exquisite lace
this would have been perfect if I had
curried and carried away
with A.C. from Dunedin to Delhi...
a Bollywood moment for the books
the peacocks add a whimsical touch
making my heart a flutter

"After a trip to India, the designer worked like a fiend for months in his studio, with images of Queen Victoria, the Duke of Wellington, and the Indian Empire running through his mind. They were transformed into ballerina-length multi-flounced dance dresses, each more insanely exquisite than the last: A miraculous red-feather-fronted number turned to burst into a froth of creamy frills in back; another came covered in baby-fine knitted lace; a third had a pair of peacocks—again fashioned from cutout black lace—with their tail feathers fanning out over ivory tulle petticoats." ----style.com

daintiness personified
the right kind of rough around the edges
shrug perfection
these two looks would be perfect for rehearsal night
dressy but relaxed

"Interspersed were rigorously cut military tailcoats with taut pants detailed with military frogging, and slim brocade and cloque pantsuits with crisp white high-necked shirts. Then there was a stately parade of imperial-red and velvet jackets bedecked with millions of dollars' worth of antique Indian diadems and diamond neckpieces, and yet more incredible rich Empire-line saris and wispy dishabille transparencies. These were followed by a sequence of gold-encrusted, ermine-coated glory, echoing the heyday of Norman Hartnell and Hardy Aimes' fifties British couture as worn by Elizabeth II."---style.com

The headdresses and jewelry are stunning. A simplified one would make the perfect hair adornment. A few friends have worn glittering diamond tiaras for their weddings and even if they were beautiful, I veer towards the uncut and jagged stones that radiate natural and raw energy. I really have no royal qualms about myself. Perhaps just a napoleonic tendency when it comes to jewels :-) McQueen's genius in bridging cultural, iconic and historical influences together make it current and even wearable for a simple girl like me.

Fall/Winter 2008 video


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos of his work! I'm with you on the wedding - my husband and I got married at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel (in southern California) with only a small group of family and friends in attendance. It was perfect!

Froulala said...

Traci, thank you for your comment! The Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel is beautiful! I'm sure the light made for gorgeous wedding photos.