Doubly Auspicious

Aside from picking through early memories, I went through my travel/design files for a little inspiration for tomorrow's Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day celebration. What a doubly wonderful way to welcome the Year of the Metal Tiger, it can't get any redder and more auspicious! I found these photos from the Air France Magazine the last time I went to Paris in 2007. 

The entrance of Hotel Cote Cour Beijing   
located in the district of preserved hutongs .
The boutique hotel centers around an old style square courtyard.
Its understated rooms were decorated by owner,
Shauna Liu with silk and linen bedding, 
traditional and modern artwork adorn the walls.
restaurant and art gallery 
in a reconstituted 16th century temple
 a restaurant with private rooms and retro-chic decor
I checked their website and 
a more muted color makeover has taken place.
This particular photo made me think of
very sexy and glam 'radiant in red' chairs,
perfect for a romantic tête-à-tête.
Speaking of hutongs, this is the entrance to Hutong,
one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong.
Please view the website for its fantastic photos.
photo by Food Man Chan (please see his post for more pics and food review)
On the 28th floor of One Peking Road
overlooking the harbor and vibrant cityscape,
one doesn't get a better overall sensory overload.
photo credits 1,2,3 (food reviews too)
Its spectacular neo-traditional Chinese interiors enhances
 the taste of Northern Chinese cuisine presented artfully.
Their signature dish,crispy de-boned lamb ribs, is unforgettable. I've had consistent meals here throughout the years. I'm thrilled that it has garnered a one Michelin star since the Snug partner and I had our dinner date there a year and a half ago. I highly recommend making a 745pm reservation since the city light show starts at 8pm.
interiors by Philippe Starck
a baroque-kitsch look with more than 300 paintings on the ceiling
Upon perusing the website, the interiors have changed some too.
The Chiavari chairs have been repainted,
 furniture reupholstered, and areas rearranged.
You must be redded out by now so hope these calming images
of the tea lifestyle will relax you.
furniture designed by owner JinR
exterior of Green T. House Living 
inspired by the architecture of Zhanguo period

Now that I've whetted my appetite, I am off to complete my grocery list for tomorrow's celebration.
Happy Lunar New Year 
or as we say in Fookienese dialect,  Keong Hee Huat Tsai!!

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