Go Girlfriend Go!

I first encountered Julia Rosien through Twitter. Even if we didn't engage much then, I could feel her energy reverberating through her tweets. Last August at the Withit education conference, we finally had the pleasure of getting to know each other. Over welcome cocktails at Vicky Payne's lovely home in South Charlotte, we found ourselves admiring the master sitting room and immediately plonked down on the plush lounge chairs. It was a welcome reprieve for our stiletto shod feet. She in patent burgundy peeptoes and I in tan gladiators. We immediately chatted like we already knew each other. Twitter has a way of breaking down the so called first meeting barriers and this is what I've noticed with many of my Twitter friends whom I've been fortunate to meet online and in real life. Julia is Natura's (the Go To for organic mattresses and green bedding needs) official Duchess of Sunshine. She weaves and spins her marketing brilliance with her beguiling charm and winning smile. Seriously, I've never met anyone who's made mattresses, good sleep and latex bedding sexy. Aside from talking mattresses, waking up at 5am to run miles and keeping her brood happy, she manages to find time to escapade with her girlfriends and tell us all about it on Go Girlfriend. After all, doesn't every woman need an occasional escape? The website has all kinds of travel covered from spas, beaches, ecotourism, romantic getaways, family friendly, arts and fashion, food and road trips. Reading the entries, I am reminded of fun adventures & misadventures and look forward to checking out the hotspots highlighted. Being an only child, I traveled more with girlfriends and on my own so I can truly relate. I want to thank Julia for her glowing review of Froulala's jetset pack: shoe and lingerie bags and my first online shoutout. I am still thrilled to bits!


Cebu Daily News: Following Legend

I have often been asked
"How did you end up in Charlotte, North Carolina of all places?"
This rather lengthy read on Delicious Domestication answers the question and more...

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frou frou + oohlala = froulala

Four years ago...
On a tropical night in the hills of
Maria Luisa Estate Park, I was mindlessly turning the pages of a coffee table book to the sound of the cicadas. A ruffled hot pink tulle skirt emerged from the page and all I could utter was, “froulala!”

frou frou + ooh la la = froulala

It was one of those moments that left an indelible imprint upon my imagination. Froulala embodies all the experiences, things and aspirations that have inspired and captivated my heart, soul and creativity.

I would like to thank social media maven
Leslie Carothers and bespoke stationery designer|domestic goddess extraordinaire Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo for encouraging me to take the plunge into blogging.