Are You Withit?

It's been two years since I joined WithIt , a women's leadership development network, in the home and furnishings industries. Initiated by women who've made stellar leaps and bounds in the furniture industry thirteen years ago, most people think it is only limited to furniture fiends. People have been asking me about the organization so here's a quick 411 but you can go to the website for specific details or post questions on the comments box. I truly can attest to the amazing synergy shared and experienced with the phenomenal women I've had the pleasure of knowing. It isn't just social networking but making real connections where it matters with people who matter whether business or passion related. I've developed relationships and attended seminars that have contributed to my personal and entrepreneurial growth. Just so it's out there, we do welcome women as full members and men as associate members in the following areas:
- residential, commercial, hospitality furnishings
- homebuilders or engaged in home building materials
- kitchen, bath, appliances, cabinetry, decorative hardware,
- lighting
- flooring
- interior designers
- media consultants
- students
- and to all passionate individuals who continuously seek self improvement

Come April at High Point Market, Withit will be hosting the following events:
Alexa Hampton "Decades of Design"
Sunday, April 18th
7:30 am-9:00 am
WithIt Education Breakfast
IHFC Green Wing 11th Floor, International Ballroom. RSVP
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WithIt Trends/Competitive Intelligence
Monday, April 19th
6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Industry experts explore the hits and misses of market during this interactive session.
Palliser Showroom, 220 Elm, Suite 400
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WithIt Student Mentoring Day
Wednesday, April 21st
8:30 am-11:30 am
Experience Needed - Volunteer to Mentor
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2010 New York Design Tour
May 15-17, 2010
6:00 PM
Special "INSIDE DESIGN" tour of New York city.
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Withit 2010 Professional Conference
August 17-19, 2010
Our biggest event where we gather for our annual education conference covering specific topics of timely interest based on surveys and current events. It is also the celebration of WOW (Women of Withit) Awards Night. Conference brochure here for details. I will be writing a follow up post to discuss our inspiring theme for 2010. Don't forget to send in your WOW nominations . Deadline April 1st for the following award categories:

LEGACY AWARD: For a woman of achievement who has made significant lifetime contributions to the home and furnishings industries.
MENTORING AWARD: For an executive or organization that has fostered advocacy, development or promotion of women in their company.
EDUCATION AWARD: For an executive or company which has developed programs to educate associates, retailers or consumers about home and furnishings.
FUTURE LEADER AWARD: For a woman 40 or under who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and the potential to become an industry leader.

We are an international organization but have regional
groups and events enabling us to get together from time to time
such as this one coming up in 2 weeks:
Libby Langdon star of HGTV's "Small Space, Big Style"
Wednesday, March 31st
6:30 pm-7:30 pm
Libby's Wild and Wacky Path into the World of Interior Design

High Point University, Phillips Hall
Presentation and book signing

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Snapshots from NY Design Tour 2009
Cocktails w/ Benjamin Bradley & David Thiergartner

David Thiergartner, Betty Lyn Eller, Jana Platina Phipps
Cameron Cook, Benjamin Bradley, Sara Lyke
---?---, Rebecca Miller, Jena Hall
Jane Matteson, Leslie Newby
Joan Franken, Melissa Galt, Maura Murphy
Mary Frye, Debbie Klein
Carol Gregg, Liz O'Brien at River Cafe

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