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I'm supposed to be working but in the play area of my mind, there is a hamster that won't stop wheeling. I'm already thinking about Chinese New Year which will coincide with Valentines Day this year. I'm 60% Chinese 30% Filipino 10% Spanish. I often get mistaken as Vietnamese or Korean even by fellow Filipinos around here. I like that Lunar New Year is a month or two later than the Gregorian New Year. It gives me time to get those resolutions in place. I look forward to combining both occasions and have been thinking about my dining table decor and menu.
my theme name
Spoon Fork Double Happiness
is inspired by one of my favorite films
my friend and blog diva,
ABCD Design's brilliant Valentine Card
Thornwillow's Double Happiness Card

I once hosted a Chinese New Year's dinner in Cebu which coincided with my girlfriend Lea's birthday. All I did was order the ten-course meal from a favorite Chinese restaurant and got dolled up in a cheongsam after setting the chinoiseried table with goldfish filled fishbowls. Everyone came in their mandarinned best. I don't have this luxury now since we don't have a decent Chinese restaurant in our area and my Chinese cooking is below average at best. This is where St. Valentine comes in to save me. I will be getting my recipes from a recipe book I've yet to unearth from storage hoping to serve western food in an eastern setting.
by Amy Reiley
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Going au naturel in the kitchen is not my style so I do hope to be dressed more conservatively. I pulled out these lovely outfits from Blanc de Chine's current collection. My friend, Emmanuel Hamoy, is the manager there in case you happen to pass by the 5th Ave store. They have amazing classic outfits that will last many seasons. Love the top since it's a mix of Chinese and Japanese (asymmetrical Issey Miyake-ish pleats) and the bottom is just perfect in its subtle elegance.
I am also crushing on this Bauhaus Silk Qipao from Shanghai Tang, another favorite brand that has everything. This is definitely more me, a mix of both worlds.

p.s. food for thought from the film

hello, have you eaten yet? (reminds me of my family, sometimes we say this before we say 'how are you?')

communicate through food, not through emotions (this is how my grandparents communicated, they had 3 course breakfasts and 5 course lunches and dinners)

you rely on feelings when you cook, not your taste buds

whatever you do, don't add salt. salt dries the fish and it won't be tender

beware of fake shark's fin in soup. no flavor no matter how long you cook it. (i know this is not animal friendly eating but my mom makes an amazing soup that i wouldn't mind having once in a blue moon)

what you want you can't get. what you don't want, you can't get rid off

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