Despite being semi-packed days ago, it took me awhile to decide what to leave behind yesterday. Its incredulous to have separation anxiety with my desk. I wanted to pack my reading pile too hoping that I'll finish them all this summer. When I realized that I would have to give up non negotiable accessory space in my suitcase, that idea quickly went out the window. Suddenly, the thought of a Kindle appealed to me for the first time but I'm still old school when it comes to holding a book in my hand and dog-earring pages.
The lunar eclipse also did a surprise number on me. I couldn't find my camera and a jewel box with precious contents which really got me all worked up.
I'm fervently hoping that the blue crocodile box will surface sometime soon.
It was hard to leave Charlotte not knowing where it is but the warm send off and profusion of tight hugs consoled me some.

My NYC layover was harried as I ran around to get a couple of things and dropped by Tenpenny for a quick meal before heading to JFK. Recently reviewed by Sam Sifton of the New York Times, the tables on my row all came after reading it.
We compared notes and each bite packed a lovely flavorful punch. The couple who sat next to me went twice within 4 days.
Perhaps it was Tenpenny's signature cocktail unforgettably called, The Unstrung Harp, with a chaser of prosecco, I was ready to melt into my seat by the time I boarded.
7 hours later, I woke refreshed after days of mad rushing.
Cathay Pacific's entertainment selection has always been topnotch. Normally so restless,  I can only do movie marathons on long haul flights.
 film 1: An Education - a coming-of-age film I've been wanting to see 
film 2: Love and Other Impossible Pursuits - heartwarming family drama
film 3: Incendies - a brusque and riveting tale about war and family
read the Sagittarius chapter on Susan Miller The Year Ahead 2011
Finally used up all my 15 hours and landed in Hong Kong, 
my favorite airport. 
very user friendly and great duty free shopping
showered, bought a Father's Day present, lounged
3 hours later, I boarded for my 2.5 hr flight to Cebu
I remember an exchange with my dear friend, Cornel Chiriac, 
while we were on the way to 
Santiago de Compostela last Sept 20, 2007.
Buckled up on Ryan Air's sardine seats,  he said, 
this is my favorite part as the plane ascended to meet the sunrise 
and Frankfurt-Hahn grew small beneath us.
I, on the other hand, have always loved the landings, 
the speed rush before the grounding halt. 
Just how I would run to a loved one and stop at a hug.
 Plane to plane. City to city 
Just like the first time.
flight soundtrack: So Far Out to Sea and Barefoot
The latest album, Giants by Chicane, has its signature ambient hits and some cheesy trance. Still love it tho and brings back memories of wild abandon in many sunny shores and seeing them live in Manila.

*photos are from personal archives*


traci zeller designs said...

Ha! I wouldn't give up accessory space either! If you splurge on an iPad (business necessity!!), you can just add the Kindle app and use it for travel. I still prefer regular books too but you can't beat the convenience.

Froulala said...

I have an IPad but don't use it as much. I'll have to use it more and transfer some of my work files there. Thanks for the Kindle tip!