Bookworm Weekend: Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Bergé

Unwinding from NYC Design Week (mid-May), my stylish friend, Betty Lyn Eller and I caught L'Amour Fou by Pierre Thoretton at The Paris Theatre. It was a magnificent film recounting how YSL and Pierre Bergé came together, their life, love, deep connection, their massive trove of beautiful objets d'art that filled their amazing properties, and the astounding farewell auction of these beautiful things. There will never be a collection this diverse, tasteful, well curated, and planned with exact detail. It is truly a reflection of their personalities, lives, and uncompromising desires.
The partners worked with equally talented names---the late architect and decorator Bill Willis, designer Jacques Grange, architect and decorator Francois-Joseph Graf, garden designer Louis Benech, architect and landscape artist Pascal Cribier, garden designer Madison Cox, and the late landscape artist Franz Baechler to express their vision.

These 2 beautiful tomes continue to be an inspirational delight and a must have for the library. This was one of my go to gifts for some designer friends last year.
The following photos are of my recent jewelry projects.
The peacock is a vintage brooch that I've converted into a necklace.

a broken coral that I will use as a pendant or ring

These tassels were from an old worn pair of Italian boots I picked up in Rome. I came home one day to find the left pair gone and found out that our friend's dog chewed on them. A part of those boots live on in this new necklace.


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