Something Turquoise Birthday Wishlist

Since the month started, loved ones have been asking what I want for my birthday. Mindful of my blessings, I normally don't ask. They are also fantastic at picking out presents on their own or I'm just predictable. Most December celebrants complain that they usually end up with one present for both occasions but the trick is to just get a present that packs a punch. My dad set the quality over quantity lesson early on when he told me not to indulge in trinkets but buy a few magnificent pieces. My dear family (the ones I talk to) are not traditional giftgivers. Sometimes, we get ang paos (red envelopes) or we don't give holiday presents for the sake of. We wait until we find something that speaks to the person so birthdays or the holidays can be any day of the year. I've always been a turquoise fan and it's my birthstone too. This post was inspired by an email alert I got from Christie's this afternoon about this turquoise and diamond earrings that would be perfect to wear this winter with the icicle surround but can work all year long!

A pair of 18ct. white gold, turquoise and diamond earrings, by Charles de Temple

Christian Louboutin Double Platform Knotted Mule 
Louboutin, turquoise, 5 3/8" are the keywords for this shoe fiend

Carved Turquoise Snuff Bottles 
Chinese, 19th centuryChristie's 
not pro snuffing but appreciate the paraphernalia

Kara Ross CityScape Cuff  in turquoise stingray
love the fierceness of the city and the sea mix 

A pair of Foo Dogs + Puppy 
Chinese, 20th century
Since I can't have a dog with my current lifestyle, these will do for the moment

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BEAUTIFUL turquoise items!