Coconut Oil Panacea

when it starts to get nippy

and i feel like a dried coconut lump
i look far and away

and think of colorful moments
 Philippine Hobie Challenge, Bohol Beach Club, Panglao Island

with friends
 Puka Beach, Boracay Island with Garrison Rousseau & Butch Carungay
 (from here to eternity shot)

from all over
sandbar with Garrison Rousseau and Desmond Hatton

  sharing tuna tartare and carpaccio
Seas Restaurant, Hilton Cebu Resort & Spa

 breaking lobster shell together
Seas Restaurant, Hilton Cebu Resort & Spa

for a brief moment
Puka Beach

 the doldrums
 between Cebu and Bohol

are beached away
Puka Beach

 and birds of paradise are dancing in the air
Shangri-la Mactan Resort

when others make lemons out of lemonade,
i make a warm virgin coconut oil hair panacea

hoping to feel like this in the morning!
Guam, seaweed smiley face

you will need:
1/3 cup (or more depending on hair length or thickness) 
of virgin coconut oil 
4-6 drops of any of these essential oils: 
lavender and geranium to relieve stress
tea tree, rosemary or neem to moisturize 
and promote hair growth
massage scalp, brush hair and secure in a bun 
cover with shower cap or saran wrap
for 2 hours (normal hair)
12 hours (dry & damaged hair)
rinse with shampoo

*photos are from personal archives*

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