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In Response to the Editorial:

To my dear editor Jude,

We go way back, don't we? I first met you at one of Butch Carungay's  themed parties eight years ago. Particularly, the Pimps and Whores party, voila! I still have pictures to prove it too, double voila! You captured me with your wit and dazzling talents as host, stand up comic and songstress. If you don't know Jude Bacalso , these are just three of ten titles. He is an environmental consultant, print and tv personality, radio DJ, pre-med professor, dabbles in genetic engineering and brilliant writer/editor. But to me, he is more than all these. He is a true friend despite time and distance. He has the uncanny ability to read me very well and make me reach into myself while keeping it real. He was my editor when I had a weekly column in another daily and was known as Gypsy Queen for almost four years. He tolerates my PMS P.S. pleas too after I send in a profile photo i.e. please make my arms look thinner..please...and orders Jill (our layout superstar) to do just. that. When he asked me to contribute for his Delicious portion of Cebu Daily News, I was only too happy to indulge.
Our friendship struck as we happily bumped into each other at events playing different characters. Having the same gypsyish tendencies, we sometimes enjoyed the facade that we were afforded.  Thankful for such as we carried on our print lives with aplomb, despite the doldrums that come with real lives such as unfinished dreams,  churning gossip mills, wayward boys, trivial frustrations and broken hearts. We have the best of times when we're in our tees, jeans and flip flops sans maquillage and big hair sharing a simple meal and giggling to our hearts' content. Jude, thank you for enabling me to shine in the special way that you only know how and do. You're the best!!!


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