Blogwarming Present from ABCD

As you can see, my blog just took on a New Fabulous Personality! Can I use the "you, only better" line without being obnoxious? Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo masterminded the jazzy makeover in a jiffy as a blogwarming present. I am just a newbie to this big Blog-a-Delic universe so my heart was all a flutter when she sent me a zip file with twelve FAB (yes, 12!!) header options. It was exponential A.D.D but I finally decided on this design. The colors matched perfectly without a hitch which goes to show that Amy's Pantone vision is unquestionable.

I first 'met' Amy on Twitter and I was so taken by her creativity in everything that it makes one fall in love  with life even more. Before she left NYC for a sabbatical "Up North", I happened to be in town and asked her if she was up for a 'tweetup'. Thankfully, she obliged despite a hectic schedule and we had coffee at 71 Irving Place Coffee & Tea. We shared stories and she encouraged me to do a blog after I mentioned that I've entertained thoughts but was intimidated by it all. She assured me that it was easy as pie but Amy makes everything look as easy as her strawberry pie! I had a wonderful feeling about her. You know how it is when you meet people and you just have a great feeling about their energy? After our lovely chat, I remember calling one of my best friends and announced that I already know who's designing my bespoke wedding invitations one day!

Thank you, ABCD,for my j'adorable blog header! I knew it needed a lift but didn't know how to do it! Just the perfect blogwarming present and only you, can think of such bloglicious ideas such as your bespoke giveaway  on your 2nd Blog-I-Versary!


pve design said...

Lovely blog and welcome to the land of blogging.
Wishing you much fun froulala.

ABC Dragoo said...


Me=teary eyed! Thank you ever so much for your sweetness. First those amazing napkin rings that you MADE for me and now ... This awesome blog post, how can I thank you enough?

I thought you might like to dress the place up a bit so I figured I'd gift it to as a blogwarming prize. (I have never heard of this before, perhaps we've coined a new blogging word? HA!)

I also figured if I sent 12, it would be like getting a dozen fresh doughnuts. You'd most likely find one that suited your taste! I think it looks quite fab if I do say so myself. Heck, when you get tired of that one, you can change it up -- you've got 11 more and a tutorial on how to do it -- Wheeeee!

I know that day we met for coffee you were bursting at the seams with creativity and I couldn't help but think a blog would suit you perfectly. I knew I was being *extra* convincing about blogging the day we met (I just love it so much!) and knew you'd take to it like a bee to honey.

I am so super delighted that you took the plunge and jumped in. I am adding you to my blogroll asap.

Anyway, it was completely awesome of you to thank me in such a HUGE way on your blog. I just couldn't help but be inspired by such a fabu name ~froulala! L O V E it ... may you celebrate many happy blog-i-versaries!

Warmest regards,

P.S. Can I tell you how much I adore you? I love that you call our "issue" a sabbatical - may I use that from now until we figure our selves out? winkwink

The Hip Hostess said...

Hello there Maybelline,
I too met Amy on Twitter and have had the pleasure of meeting her up close & personal. We also met for coffee here in Up North Michigan, and both my daughter & I were so impressed with her fabulous designing skills! Not only smart as a whip, but beautiful as well. She is quite simply just amazing!
Your blog looks delightful and I look forward to stopping by often.

Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

What a wonderful gift from ABC to you - and - your gift to us of your words! It has meant so much for me to get to know you and to share visits and chats. Can't wait to read the next Froulala post. I anticipate it your words will keep me mesmerized. :) Hugs to you! - Wanda

Creategirl said...

oh what a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing. I also know Amy from Twitter, I had a feeling she would be just as lovely in person! Best of luck with your blog, looking forward to your posts!