Bling on the Blingage

Needless to say, I've been away from the blogosphere for a long time. Last December, I packed my bags for a 5 (that turned to 8) week holiday to Cebu. When I'm home, I put my blog breaks on and use all the time to spend with loved ones and get some me time. Online time is limited to work emails and instant messages on Twitter, Facebook, and Skype. 
Before going on holiday, I normally have froulala tableaus 
to help me pack wisely and organize wardrobe essentials for the trip. 
I love mixing hi and lo for a gypset style with trinkets 
I've collected over the years.
Basic colors red, black and gold come to glam life 
when expressed in different materials and textures such as
corals, onyx, feathers, shells, shagreen, 
braiding, knits, and embroidery.
The babouches are an old purchase from 
a Casablanca souk 11 years ago
and the military vest is from 
Marche aux puces de la Porte de Vanves
 Still channeling more gold and mixing old and new
into my holiday wardrobe,
I made a ball and chains bracelet to go with
the traditional Philippine tambourine necklace 
laid on exquisite piña fabric.
Piña is a pineapple fiber made from 
the leaves of a pineapple plant.
It is combined with silk to create fabric. 
Staying close to cultural roots keep me grounded.
Sticks and Stones may break my bones but  
layers upon layers of Color and Gemstones 
will never hurt me.
Inspired by the colors and textures of exotic travels 
and smells of not too distant lands.
  This Decodent necklace made with 
jade, coral, and rhinestone balls was inspired by 
a Shanghainese art deco vibe (hence the name).
It was the perfect accessory for 
an impromptu trip to Singapore
during Chinese New Year.
This Hip-Hop necklace with galenas dipped in gold and silver was inspired by talks on gold futures. I wanted to add a dash of Midas touch when we debuted in High Point last Fall.
It goes well with both my silver and gold pieces whether 
I'm wearing a black dress or just a plain white tee and jeans.
I think it looks rather fierce juxtaposed against one of my favorite vodka brands, Crystal Head Vodka . Alex bought it for me on one random trip to ABC knowing I would like the bottle. I liked it even better when I read that it is filtered over diamonds and has no  artificial additives. "Quadruple distilled and filtered three times through charcoal followed by triple filtration over Herkimer Diamonds, Crystal Head Vodka is exquisitely packaged in a skull bottle crafted by master artisans at Milan's Bruni Glass Company. This "pure spirit" is produced in Newfoundland, Canada, without any artificial additives such as glycol, citrus, or sugar."
Organizing these wardrobe tableaus start when I put on my almost everyday uniform of yoga wear on mornings when I'm not rushing about. I pick through my accessory pile and set them aside. When I need a break from office work and selling furniture, I create in other ways and BLING it on! Christine from On a String bead shop in Myers Park helps me fasten my ideas together with her deft hands. She also has a fabulous selection of beads which I incorporate with my collection.


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