Recessionista Fashionista

Arisce Wanzer from Miami (@Ariscestocrat ) and I met and summered together in 2007. We got to know each other day in and out while boarding at Chateau de Pourtales, Strasbourg, and exploring many art and architectural, design, fashion and party must sees all over Europe. Always fashion savvy whether in chic casuals or ready-to-paint-the-town-red ensembles, I asked her to share some recessionista fashionista tips with me.

A: Before you go shopping, Shop your closet!!! One will be surprised at which fashions, cuts, styles, and silhouettes are already repeating themselves.

M: Just shopped my storage unit aka closet for Fall the last 2 weekends and yes, I do seem to have everything I need and more. One of my fave IPhone apps is Touch Closet, it really helps me get organized every season.

 A:  A "Basic" Revival ~ t-shirts, denim, trench coats, sweaters, trousers, dresses, and even accessories! If the piece is neutral or classic in color, shape or style, then bring it out and re-work to your liking.

M: Basics such as the classic Burberry trench, great fitting denim, cashmere and animal prints are here to stay. Accessories are easy to play with. I reworked some of my jewelry last Summer and here are a few inspirational images.

La Tortue 
The mother of pearl discs were from a broken necklace that dear friend, Butch Carungay of Avatar, designed for me when we went to the party island paradise, Boracay ,years ago. I remained obsessed with it that I kept the discs when it broke. It came together with turquoise and coral charms from a bead shop in Greenville, SC and Swarovski crystals from my personal stash.

Belle Memoires
I made this necklace out of charms from one of my best friend's wedding souvenirs. Miranda Konstantinidou of Konplott, a brilliant jewelry designer, gave out the round keychains for souvenirs. The bead and Swarovski crystal voodoo doll was a 'just because' gift from her too. The beau's cousin, Michelle,  gave the cross for my graduation gift. Silver grey baroque pearls and crystals from On a String bead shop in Myers Park (Charlotte, NC) added some bling to the papal and saint medallions from Rome and Spain and my old diary keys. I thought this was a good idea to string special mementoes together .

La Fleur de Milan
The leather flower was salvaged from an old belt that another best friend, Debbie Palao, brought me from one of her trips to Milan. I updated it with some horn and smooth/rough gold tinged druzy chalcedony.

La Croix Bleu
A combination of three necklaces for a high and low look. The vintage cross is from a Mikel Ansingh piece. The chain link beads are from a necklace I got at Target and the round raffia balls and glass beads are from a necklace I got at a souvenir store in Cebu called Ethnic Ventures. 

Sunken Treasure
Grabbed a few gold coins from an 80s belt (which doubles as a necklace) and added them onto my coral bead twisted piece.

A:  Don't just throw out last seasons staples. Keep EVERYTHING that you once loved and re-style it to
look fresh.

A: Invest in a well tailored power suit ~ whether this includes straight leg pants, wide leg trousers, or a 3-piece skirt suit that fits you just right!

A: The little black dress(LBD) ~There's a reason I have six of these! They're easy to style, make new and interchangeable according to the occasion. Just be sure you have one that makes you scream with excitement every time you put it on!

M: Since I'm petite, I sometimes buy two of each when an LBD or pants fit me really well.

A: Bring old shoes back from the dead ~ Go to your cobbler to get those shoes you used to love so much to be professionally cleaned and/or re-soled. It will cost you less than a new pair of shoes. Cobblers can be found almost anywhere but usually are adjoined to tailoring shops in local shopping centers. Cobblers repair and clean old belts and handbags as well.

M: Just collected Dior platform pumps, a vintage Chanel patent bag, Louboutin in animal print and Pierre Hardy booties that can really work well this season after I send them to the reliable cobbler in Myers Park. 

A: Do not feel pressured to purchase anything that you do not feel is right for you or is too expensive for your new budget. Whether they are your manipulative friends or pushy sales people, trust your opinion first. Buyer's remorse will be a thing of the past!

A: Wear what you have like it is the Latest Fashion! Confidence is key to wearing anything. Old clothes worn proudly and stylishly are just as new.

A:  If you do NOT love it, do NOT buy it!


Kampuchea Crossings said...

That second one is an AWESOME piece!

Anonymous said...

Love the milan flower piece! & OMGN (Oh My GoodNight) the touch closet app maybe the best thing ever invented!!! I even have a dress form I could put everything on....sooo excited. Congrats on the lovely blog!