Hyper Holiday

I have been in an extremely hypnagogic state for the last couple of weeks. A week of jetlag, the onslaught of work, chores, and errands are beating me down. My dear father, who I'm missing terribly, thinks it's due to the following reasons: I'm better fed at home, pampered with massages and acupuncture, didn't have to do any sort of physical labor (his term for basic household chores), and lived like a lady of leisure. Shades of a perfectly marbled cow's life seem so distant now as I type away from the kitchen counter listening to the dishwasher hum.

I remarked to Melanie, one of my best friends from college, that I am so unlike this. To which she replied, lamentably, "it's our age, dearie." Having recently turned 35, I shuddered at the thought while lying in bed. Vanity immediately got me back on my feet as I reached out for La Mer's Eye Balm Intense on my night stand ready to regain my footing.
Just emptied my postal box the other day and still opening a few holiday surprises. Christmas in March is still ok in my book as long as the weather is below 50F, though we've been having some spring flings at 70F the past days. Just as well, it suits  flashbacks of my charmed hyper holiday which started last mid December in New York....
 Irwin Feld Design's It's A Snow Day
 material development research at a glitzy showroom
 slipped into BG to pick up resort Louboutins
 and stepped out in time to marvel at the 
Unicef Baccarat snowflake
photo credit
Arrived Cebu in time for my birthday surprise
cleverly crafted by best friend Joanna Lhuillier
with the help of other besties
 then along came Christmas
 New Year crept up soon after
watching the fireworks
 with my family
from the garden 
 was magical

It was the end of a very interesting decade, 
to say the least.
so much to be thankful for
more to look forward to
everyday is a reason to celebrate 
no matter what...
goals. resolutions. plans
are recorded
in the hopes that they will spring 
to life from these pages
make time for family and friends
nurture oneself
unlock a few mysteries along the way
make dreams happen
create. sing. dance
days and nights are passing too quickly
2011 has been off to an amazing start
but there are days when I feel I'm not doing enough.
i'm happy to realize that i've been living my sage friend's advice
on his annual holiday card:
"find and fill in the blanks to your taste"
My dear friend, Jean Moraros, creates a beautiful holiday card every year.  I posted his last card here. He is an artist in many ways with a beautiful soul. His aura and peaceful sensibility radiates.  It is a delight to open his card in March as I'm stressing out about work. A healthy reminder that I have been  doing what I'm supposed to be doing and always at the right time and place even when it doesn't seem to gel on days like this. Click on the photo to enlarge so you can seek your own adventure as well.

p.s. Hyper Holiday not over yet....will be sharing about our Cebu Mardi Gras in January and Lunar New Year


traci zeller designs said...

"Hypnagogic" is my new favorite word ... because I feel the same way!! And I love the crystal sandals ...

Unknown said...

Miss you Miss May and our younger days...