Social Media Diary 4 Year 1:SNUGging

As we feverishly prepare for High Point Market, I have flashbacks of our introductory  SNUG launch at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair last spring. 5 months just flew by and now we're on our second show and debuting this Friday at Interhall IH611. InterHall at the IHFC Building has earned a reputation for housing what's new, what's hot, and what will be the next big trend. We are extremely excited to be in this premium hotspot amidst twelve million square feet of endless showrooms. For our Spring show, Tracy Hiner of Black Crow Studios, collaborated with us by showing some snug love with her wallpaper artistry. We met on Twitter and didn't meet in real life until the day before the show! A testament to how social media can work for any of us. Here is her ahhmaazing work!

And here is her blog post on our collaboration process
Here is Tracy with the wallpaper Alex and I chose. It was her favorite too and we didn't even ask her to do anything specific. Voila, the colors matched! I am happy to say that because of our collaboration, she is also doing something with another Twitter friend soon for the holidays and I look forward to seeing it come together.
 The Queen of Social Media in the home and furniture industry, 
looking resplendent on the Pugella sofa.
 caught their first meeting in real life or as we say in Twitlingo, IRL
Leslie and Marcy Feld of Irwin Feld Design
 Another IRL moment for us with Carmen Natschke of
 The ICFF party at the MoMA Garden
 It couldn't have been more exquisite!

Jackie's sister and daughter, Jackie Von Tobel, Tracy

While in the city, I also got to catch Michele Keith's 
book signing for Designers Here and There at Rizzoli

 Eric Cohler, one of the featured designers, 
signing my book.
 Rizzoli Bookstore
 Its interiors are as venerable as its tomes.

Then I got invited by Tamara Stephenson
to Dominique Browning's Slow Love 
book signing at Barnes and Noble
It was a wonderful reading and parts of the Q & A were thought provoking. I bought the book and had it signed for a dear friend who was in a similar situation. It was the perfect token for her when we met for brunch the next day. I read a few chapters and will definitely buy another copy.
Dominique Browning, widely known as the former editor of House & Garden 
though she wears many hats and blogs at  Slow Love Life
The lovely Tamara and her son, Myles. We also met on Twitter and have shared a lovely conversation over  coffee at Via Quadronno. I am enamored with this little gem  on the Upper East Side and have been back since. Thanks T for bringing me there. Tamara's blog Nest Nest Nest showcases not only her interior design talents but also gives a peek into her philosophical perspective. Design, gardening, entertaining, antiques, and history, with beautiful photography (by daughter Gaby) are interwoven beautifully. As I rush about my marathon week, I try to channel all the sensations that embody the slow life to balance me.


Unknown said...

Loved this post and visiting each location with you! Funny how I recognize everyone from Twitter as well. I hope SNUG continues on an on, I enjoy your lovely line. I'm also slightly embarrassed I did not know Rizzoli had its own bookstore in NYC. I need to return, stat. Thanks for the peek into your wonderful week!

Karena said...

What a wonderful time, love all of the Images you have shared with the best of the best included!!

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