Social Media Diary 2 Year 1:Mid Century Mod Style

lucite sculptures
About a week ago, I mentioned that I met Marcy Feld of Irwin Feld Design last summer over a low carb lunch at Isabella's on the Upper West Side. Well, we ended up celebrating our first friendship anniversary in real life since many of us were in NYC for The Nate Berkus Show. It all came together so quickly, Who knew the design blogosphere would convene and make it even more monumental?!
Irwin Feld Design petit fours...yes, they are all about the fine details

Marcy and I have bonded over seemingly mundane (but not entirely) happenings over the course of our days in the past year. As restless Sagittarians (our birthdays are 6 days apart) who work from home, we occasionally check on each other and do the obligatory tug to the center. Something like a virtual buddy system of sorts that I have come to rely on.  I now have 6 Yiddish words in my vocabulary and fondly think of her as my Rosetta Cohen. She regales us with her brilliant writing and captivates with her beautiful photography. Her poignant blog posts are the windows to her magnanimous spirit yet also bring to life the mid-century modern pieces that proudly sit, stand, hang, and adorn the gallery. An insight or two is always gleaned from each post, just like her most recent one on slow home lifestyle. The Irwin Feld Design gallery in Stamford, Connecticut is a treasure trove of well picked, restored, edited, and fine pieces. Many of the designers we read and hear about come to them for that added oomph.  Here are some photos from my first visit last May when they hosted a Spring awakening cocktail.
yes, I wanted to swing from one chandelier to another!

Catherine @averydesign , Bob Avery, Gloria Battista Collins @gbcstyle 

Mona Klein Klapper and Marcy Feld
each vignette was D-i-v-i-n-e
piercing the senses with sputnik-like moments
Irwin Feld discussing some ideas with wallpaper designer, 
Tracy Hiner
of Black Crow Studios, another Twitter connection

a custom Hepburn-esque barstool covered in Stroheim from their 
Breakfast at Tiffany's vignette at the 
Le Beau Chateau tabletop event

here with Tracy Hiner @tracyhiner (I will write more about my collaboration with Tracy Hiner on another post) and Liz Orgera @ShorelyChic who is sweet as can be! She sells seashells and such on etsy so check her blog for details and sunny posts. 
Oh Marcy, what can I say but 
double hearty kvells for you and Irwin , and the gallery!
I know this is not a preferred photo of us 
(we're not giving credit to the Milo Baughman love sofa with our post 1-too-many-cocktail looks
but I had to post it.... 
I'm farklemptly sold on you!
sweet meringue kisses till we meet again!
the only way to end the night.....
there's nothing like roaring down the highway top down with groovy tunes
 from Stamford to the City with the Felds in their Modness!

how to get there: Take the Metro North Railroad (East of Hudson line) from Grand Central to Stamford (average travel time of 2 hours round trip at $18.50 - 24.50)

here's Marcy's blog post on their Gallery Spring Celebration 

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